Welcome to the Azilda Community Pickerel Hatchery

The Azilda Community Pickerel Hatchery is a registered non-profit association dedicated to re-stocking the pickerel population in Whitewater Lake and area lakes, as well as promoting the conservation of all fish species. Our program consists of collecting eggs, hatching fry and raising pickerel fingerlings, to ultimately release them into Whitewater Lake. This work is done in co-operation with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, the United Walleye Clubs and the Ministry of Natural Resources as part of the CFWIP program.

The Azilda Community Pickerel Hatchery is located on the shores of Whitewater Lake in the Town of Azilda within the Greater City of Sudbury, Ontario. The hatchery is operated and maintained by local volunteers. The association was started in 1990 by a group of local outdoorsman in an attempt to restore the pickerel population in Whitewater Lake.

The Hatchery’s goal is to release approx 15,000-20,000 pickerel fingerlings annually into various parts of Whitewater Lake.

The association has grown to be a respected voice for conservation and preservation of fish and habitat for Whitewater lake, and its neighbouring streams. Our hatchery program helps anglers in having a sustainable sport fishery.